Renewing Items & Renewing Your Card

You may renew materials through CountyCat, CountyCat Mobile (under My Checkouts) or via telephone at 414-277-0183.  You may be able to renew materials that are overdue but any fines accrued from that renewal will be added to your account.

Renew materials in CountyCat

To renew materials, log into CountyCat, then go to Checked Out Titles.  You'll be able to view physical items checked out as well as Libby titles.  You can use the links at the left or the tabs.  

Each checked out item, lists the DATE DUE, who the title was checked out to (yourself or a linked account) and the number of times renewed.  Click the Renew button to renew.

Eligible 3-week materials can be renewed from 7 days before the due date. Eligible 7-day materials can be renewed from 3 days before the due date. Whenever you renew, you will be given an additional loan period equal to the original loan period. You may be able to renew materials that are overdue but any fines accrued from that renewal will be added to your account.

Go to Checked Out Titles to see items ready for renewal

Any overdue items will have a note in red

An overdue item in CountyCat

If the renewal was successful, you will see the below message. The new due date will be reflected in Checked Out Titles. If there are no more renewals remaining, you will see "0" next to "Renewals Remaining" and the "Renew" button will be replaced with a message stating "Sorry, this title cannot be renewed".

A pop-up window that says a renewal was successful.

View the renew materials help guide

Renew items via text messaging

To renew items through a text message, you must first be signed up for text notifications. After you are signed up successfully and when your materials are about to come due, you will receive a text message tied to the correct item(s), one day prior to the due date. The text will give instructions for how to renew one or all items if they are eligible.

The text command to renew all items is RA for RENEW ALL. The text command to renew items from your list of current checkouts is RL for RENEW FROM A LIST.

Renew materials by phone

All MCFLS libraries offer telephone renewal using phone number, 414-277-0183.

To renew items by phone, you will need to have your library barcode number AND the barcode numbers of the items you would like to renew. As with online renewals, you may in some cases renew overdue materials, but any fines owed at the time of the renewal will still be added to your library record.

Renew your library card

As of March 2024, MCFLS will attempt automatic renewal for patrons 18 and older who have valid emails in their account!

For more information, see the FAQ page here.

You may also renew your library card by either going into any public library in Milwaukee County or by using the Online Renewal form.

However you choose to renew your card, plan to have one-to-two valid forms of identifications ready. The number of IDs required varies depending on which library you renew with. It's always wise to have one of the IDs used to verify your identity include a photo, along with a current document (paper or digital) that verifies your current Milwaukee County address. Here is a list of acceptable forms of identification: Lista en Espanol

Examples of Acceptable Name ID

  • Valid Driver’s license or state ID
  • Valid Municipal ID
  • Current Student Picture ID
  • Current Military ID
  • Valid Wisconsin License which includes physical characteristics, such as a fishing or hunting license
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Current Employment Picture ID

Examples of Acceptable Name and Address ID

  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Valid Municipal ID
  • Voter ID/registration information from
  • A valid and current rental lease agreement with your name and address. No handwritten receipts
  • Postmarked mail received at your home within the last 30 days. No window envelopes, junk mail or magazines
  • Utility bills (gas, electric, cable and telephone) mailed to you within the last month.
  • Printed online account statement from a utility or financial institution with your current address and dated within the past month
  • Recent report card from school
  • Current school schedule with address
  • Current insurance card with name and address
  • Recent paycheck stub with name and address
  • Pre-printed personal Checks (with your checkbook)
  • Vehicle Registration